Yes, that is in fact a photo of me at a book signing in Chapters–I am C. A. Lang, author of dieselpunk fantasy novel Blightcross, freelance writer, and civil engineering technology student at Okanagan College.

Born in Nelson, B.C. and raised mostly in Penticton, I spent a lot of time reading or making things up–whether stories or (bad) drawings or music. Gradually these creative impulses moved towards music, until I began to write novels in my early twenties. Years later in 2012, my first novel was published by Tyche Books.

One of my unpublished novels involved a lot of research about the architecture and municipal design in Winnipeg in 1919, and much of that research fascinated me. At the time, I hadn’t put it all together and realized that that was what civil engineering was, but eventually it clicked and that fascination drove me towards the C. Tech program. Blightcross is based upon the same interest in engineering, though heavily veiled in some aspects of traditional fantasy.

Besides all that, my day-to-day work has focused upon the health and fitness industry in everything from writing and editing to sales.

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